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December 28, 2016

The Cedar Storage Shed – But Why Cedar

When we build that backyard wooden storage shed, the most popular wood used is cedar. Why cedar? Well, we know it has a pleasant aromatic smell, and it does look good. But there is a myriad of other woods that could be used such as pine, cypress or oak. But we prefer our shed cedar. Here are some of the reasons why cedar is preferred for shed building and where cedar is grown and harvested. You may use reciprocating saw from your job.

The cedar tree is built from Northern British Columbia in Canada down to the state of California. On the slope and in the valleys of the mountain ranges that run for 1500 miles along the Pacific Coast grow vast tracts of softwood forest.

The Western Red Cedar is found throughout these forests, generally growing among other conifer species. The cedar forests are managed forests where harvesting is controlled, and Reforestation is practiced to ensure future supplies of cedar will be available. A cedar log consists of white and red wood. The white wood which is closest to the bark is called “sap wood” and the red closer to the center of the log is called “heart wood”.

The heartwood of the Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that help preserve the wood and resist insect attacks, rot, and decay. It is bacterial and fungal resistant and possesses 80% of the strength of Oak making it desirable to build with.

Cedar ages very well and endures the elements for many years when properly taken care of.Not only is cedar beautiful to look at but the cellular structure creates interior air pockets that give it higher insulation value than most other woods and much higher costs than brick or concrete. A cedar shed will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The distinct cedar aroma that is so pleasant to humans is caused by the woods natural occurring organic compound which is a deterrent to insects, moths, and other wood pests.Cedar is a lightweight wood that is easy to handle and easy to craft whether you are an expert or a novice builder.

Cedar is pleasurable to work with and is easily cut, planed, glued, nailed and shaped. When cedar is stained, it finishes to a rich glowing surface. That’s why we use cedar.