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January 30, 2017

Locksmithing: More Than Just Opening Doors

When people hire locksmiths, it is mainly because they get locked out. In reality, locksmiths do more than open locked doors. In a world where personal security is a growing concern, the role of a locksmith is becoming more prominent. Let’s take a look at how important locksmiths are in today’s society.

Assisting The Government

In terms of providing security in America, it would be difficult to find an agency more qualified than the CIA. The work that they do is vital to the operation of the government. But did you know that they hire locksmiths? With other nations increasing their security protocols, any advantage is necessary.

A locksmith hired by the CIA is classified as a technical operations officer. Along with creating lock mechanisms on the fly, locksmiths that are hired will “familiarize non-technical people with technical capabilities; do hands-on work; and travel worldwide.”

With the government requesting their services, locksmiths today have the capability to truly make a difference. You can check the best bench vise in the market, See more....

Fortifying Security

As technology continues to evolve, burglars are finding new ways to bypass security systems and enter homes. Fortunately, locksmiths have extensive knowledge that can help to improve home security.

Because of their familiarity with different lock mechanisms on doors, a locksmith can assess whether or not a home intruder can kick your door in. Typically in forced entry cases, a burglar will gain access by kicking down a door’s frame. To prevent this, a veteran locksmith in Portland recommends installing a deadbolt. The reason for this is that deadlocks that are fully inserted into a door jamb fortifies both the door and its frame.

If you want the utmost protection for your family, locksmiths can also install the optimal foolproof door for your needs. The locksmiths of today are geared with more information than ever. That being said, it’s good to know that they’re lending their expertise to where it matters the most.

Aside from improving home security, a locksmith can play a big part in improving security elsewhere. According to an article on, more locksmiths are working at security companies.

At these companies, locksmiths are responsible for installing, maintaining, and upgrading security systems in small businesses. Since security systems are now complex combinations of both mechanical and electrical locks, this transition is a natural fit for a locksmith’s skill set.

Maybe someday locks will no longer exist, but this won’t mean locksmithing will come to an end. With their ability to adapt according, locksmiths at companies like Anytime Lock Key & Door will always be an important part of society.

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