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January 24, 2017

Floor Nailer Review

The floor nailer is a fundamental power device that is essential for mounting hardwood flooring. Two types of nailers that are popular in the wood working industry are the pneumatic floor nailers and the manual floor nailers. The traditional, do it yourself floor nailer required you to exert more strength while hammering as there is no air hose or compressor that helps with the process. In this contemporary, modern pneumatic nailer you just have to strike the driver head to insert the nail perfectly but the effort required is much less.

The floor nailer enables cleats to go through the hardwood and is then driven into the sub floor at the perfect angle so that you get straight planks, groove flooring and a fastened tongue. The nailer is very user friendly and can be used by everyone right from an expert nailer to the do-it-yourself enthusiasts. You can check the best wet saw reviews

Floor nailers are expensive but if you are looking at a lot of hardwood flooring work in your home or office space, it is a good and sensible investment. If you have your own floor nailer you can work at your own leisure instead of worrying about hourly rent or returning it on time. You can also save a lot of time and get double the work done.

There is a variety of floor nailers available in the market today. Certain models are very effective and strikes flooring nails that are L shaped and feature 1 to 1.5 inches with 420 inch pounds of driving strength. These nailers are made of lightweight and durable aluminum used for making aircrafts. 

The compressor in this type of floor nailer has to run between 60 to 100 psi although the ideal delivery comes between 70 and 90 psi. There is basically no leaning slant and so with so much so as a gentle touch on the mallet, the nailer accelerates into the flooring at 420 inch pounds of nailing power. Most of the nailers are offered with a manufacturer’s warranty.

The portable variety of floor nailer employs a compressor of 70 to 100 psi of air pressure and weighs just a little above 11 pounds. This nailer is made of extremely light die-cast aluminum and is long lasting.

It is important purchasing the right tools to make your repair and installation job easier. Take time choosing the best floor nailer to make your floor installation job a pleasurable one.

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