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0 comments · January 14, 2017

Answering all your questions about DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder!

Most sites have lengthy posts and all the most unnecessary questions about bench grinders. Starting directly from your questions, this post will be helpful in answering your questions.

What is a Bench grinder?

Bench grinders are used for workshop purposes to cut, polish and grind. The grinding, cutting and polishing is most likely to be used in the workbench area.

Is the Dewalt Grinder a good option?

This is a genuine question that comes to the mind of every constructor while buying any bench grinder that what makes the Dewalt bench grinder their first preference? Dewalt is the company known for good Dewalt parts and other construction tools. Dewalt Bench Grinder is one of the best bench grinders. You may like to read the best torque wrench reviews

How finely does the motor of DEWALT DW758 work?

A motor is one essential tool of most of the construction tools.  The capability of the motor to work good enough (especially in the bench grinders) is actually half the satisfaction while looking forward to buying a bench grinder.

The motor Dewalt DW 758 works finely and is known for its speed in cutting on the bench mark. This bench grinder has a 3/4 HP capacitor start.  The power supply is good enough and might be used in any sort of cutting.  No doubt, the Dewalt DW 758 is a heavy-duty grinder, and is used for mostly all sorts of cutting.

Is the Dewalt DW- 758 accessible?

The Dewalt Bench grinder has guards which have screws on top and bottom, so it might be pretty difficult for the user to remove those screws from the top and bottom instead of the sides.

But we have a solution to even that.  You can use a small right angle screw driver for removing the bottom screws such that you don’t have to unbolt to unscrew. Unscrewing using a ratcheting screw driver will not really be an issue for those who have to deal with changing of the grinding wheels every now and then.

How many times should the Dewalt DW758 be sent for maintenance purposes?

If you are avidly sending the Dewalt 8-inch bench grinder for maintenance purposes every now and then. It is better for you to have capped grease fittings attached to it which will allow the necessary lubrication. The Dewalt bench grinder parts are a relief in this regard. They allow maximum support in terms of moving the bench grinder to any angle.

I hope this post will be quiet helpful, as the pros and cons of the Dewalt DW 758 are well explained.  The bench grinder is convenient to use and with accepting about 8- inch of wheels can be installed easily.

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